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Dee Lux; the bunny deluxe! (NSFW DPS | PC ONLY) UPDATED 11/26/2022

Yes Please Ty
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Dee Lux

By YesPleaseTy#2188

Updated November 26th 2022!

She now has a shorts toggle! Also made a bodysuit for her which toggles from full fishnet to a shiny transparent latexy material.
She's also got some updated physbone settings, some minor weight painting fixes and improved materials!
The old version is (unchanged) still available if you prefer it. Updated credits below!

She cute, she pretty, she a bunny girl, she kinda skimpy!
I have no long fancy background for her. I just wanted to make something different from my usual style and this is the result.
All gestures work on left hand only, leaving your right hand free to do whatever without making weird faces! (huehuehue)
All the bunny stuff (ears, tail, paws, bunny legs) can be toggled on or off to become a "normal" human.
I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do. I am very proud and pleased with how she turned out!

Comes in a clean, well organized package with seperate folders for each material and their textures for easy editing.
When editing the body texture, either change an existing material or include your new material in the swap animation and the dissolve. Otherwise it WILL NOT show up ingame.
Bounding boxes and anchor overrides have been set.
DPS and Non DPS scenes are in the package

Please use the included SDK and Poiyomi or just the latest ones for this avatar.


Color scheme swap (black/gold to white/pink)
Skin tone slider
Hue shift (for all gold or pink parts!)
Glitter on/off
Bunny make-up toggle
Hair swap (pigtails or space buns)
Boots swap (thigh high boots or heels or off)
Outfit swap ("bodysuit" or harness or off)
Garters (only works on outfit 1)
Bodysuit material (full fishnet or shiny transparent latex)
Coochie cover
Pole (world constraint)
FB Dissolve (because it's just really cool)
Bunny legs
Bunny gloves
Bunny tail
Bunny ears
Bunny hoodie

GoGo Locomotion (Fake playspace, different crouch and prone positions etc)

DPS on both hands, mouth, vag, butt


No public uploads

No uploads for friends/SO

No sharing with anyone

No reselling

No leaking

No claiming this as your own

No re-using assets from this avatar for your own unless you've purchased the assets from their creators (they're all creditted below)!

You buy this avatar as-is; no refunds


Head: Cicieaaa#7777
Body: Pandaabear#9873
Body and face textures - Ying#6669
Bunny legs: beanie baby#5422
Bunny ears/tail: paraa#6969
Outfit: Nauuki#5353
Shorts: Renipuff#3700
Harness: PokerBlunders#0001
Thigh high boots: Gashina#1960
High heels: Saturnis#6115
Paw gloves: B o o#8584
Short hair: moobean#8827
Pigtails: Sadge#3333
Cropped bunny top: wen#4076
Bunny choker: Chickin#0001
Toe beans on the bunny legs: VitalityWolf#7170
Body textures & menu icons: Uni#1369
DPS setup: fluff#5265
Better gestures: Wolvei#0001
Pasties, coochie cover, bodysuit by myself.

SugoiOnesan#3969 for coming up with this wonderful avatar name :)
ZenaTheZen#3534 for toggle and showcase video!
LittleSiren#2914, Lydia <3#1666 and Aaron <3#0001 for the pictures and dance video!

Some of these assets are UV'd/Re-UV'd and/or textured/re-textured by me. If you own the assets by having bought them from their original creators feel free to use my edits.


Start a new unity2019.4.31f1 project, import included VRCSDK, import included Poiyomi Toon, OPTIONAL: import Raliv's Dynamic Penetration (NOT included!), import my package, open DPS or Non DPS scene, login to your VRChat account through the SDK and upload!

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Skinned meshes
Material slots
Physbone components/transform/collision check


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Dee Lux; the bunny deluxe! (NSFW DPS | PC ONLY) UPDATED 11/26/2022

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