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Frida | femboy toggle | (NSFW DPS | PC ONLY)

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Tomboy/femboy/genderfluid avatar for all your comfy and cuddly needs :)

Frida is not quest compatible due to the use of transparency and uv tile discards.

Toggle video on the third slide :)

This avatar does not use write defaults so keep that in mind when editing.

Poiyomi pro 7.3 is used for the PP. She will work fine without poiyomi pro but you'd have to switch the material to Raliv's shader instead of poiyomi pro.

Ingame pictures. There will be no renders on my pages <3



  • Shirt
  • Sweater
  • Jacket
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Boots
  • Boot height

page 2

  • No pants
  • No tops
  • Undies
  • Latex bodysuit (texture)

Shirt types

  • Regular shirt
  • Shirt cropped
  • Shirt no sleeves
  • Shirt cropped no sleeves


  • Ears
  • Tail
  • Beanie
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Tail wag off

piercings and cage

  • Nose piercings
  • Ear piercings
  • Nipple piercings
  • Cage
  • Cage door
  • Cage top blanket

Femboy toggle


  • Tops hue
  • Hair hue
  • Eye hue
  • Pants color swaps
  • Color theme (black/white)

SUS (dps)

  • Vagina
  • Anal
  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Oral
  • PP
  • Ballgag

WetCat Locomotion


  • No public uploads (even "heavily edited" versions!)
  • No uploads for friends/SO
  • No sharing with anyone
  • No reselling
  • No leaking
  • No claiming this as your own
  • You buy this avatar as-is; no refunds
  • You're welcome to re-use my scratch assets, and textures for your own personal use

No re-using assets from this avatar unless you've purchased the assets from their creators
(they're all creditted below)!


Base, head and pants Sugs#9795 (head edit by Sivka#3788 and myself)
Boots Gashina#1960
Collar Mondsikel
Hair kri#1214
Belt Renipuff#3700
Jacket Darcy#0005
Sweater Eggly69#6969
Ears Halies#0010
Beanie Gremwlin#4143
Earrings Berryvee and Jellybean and myself
Rings by joestarr#0666, TheIceDragonz#9360 and myself
Tongue by OniiGirii#5977
Ballgag Axphy#7920
Cage Kaia_Kasumi#5394
Body tattoos Uni#1369
Awesome, totally not confusing AFK animation Fuujin#3390
Locomotion WetCat#6969
DPS Raliv
Tail, shirt, panty, pasties by myself
You can find the tail on my friends store page for free here

Most assets have changes to their rig or UVs or have been completely retextured. You're welcome to re-use my "edits" for your own projects IF you bought the original assets from their creators. Click the bold text on the credits to go to the store pages.

Special thanks to luna#6465 for taking pictures for and with me and kloblin#8888 for drawing the super cute bear and the body texture changes for the femboy toggle :)


  • Create new project using the Creator Companion
  • Import Poiyomi (toon is included; use pro 7.3.50 and 7.2.010 for DPS pp to work)
  • Import DPS (NOT included) (Enable the DPS Plugin if you've imported Poiyomi pro)
  • Open the avatar scene located in Assets > Avatar > DPS or non DPS
  • Login to your VRC account through the VRChat SDK
  • Upload :)
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Frida | femboy toggle | (NSFW DPS | PC ONLY)

14 ratings
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