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Kaya (SFW | PC ONLY)

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Kaya by YesPleaseTy#2188

This is the exact same avatar as my public version that you can get from my world.
Find "YPT Avatar World" if you wish to test her before spending money :)

This is here just for people that wish to support me and my work or those that want to edit her.

Kaya is safe for work! Her nipples and lower body have been cut.

Toggle video on the third slide :)

This avatar makes use of UV-Discards, transparency and a lot of shader properties that are not available for quest users so this avatar does not come quest compatible.





  • Top swap
  • Pants swap
  • Shoe swap
  • Undershirt (with sweater only)

page 2 / accessories

  • Belt
  • Rings
  • Belly button piercing
  • Nose + ear piercings
  • Lace choker

Hair & Animal toggles

  • Bunny
  • Puppy
  • No animal things

  • Pigtails
  • Pony tail
  • Short hair

Plush & chill menu

Plushie menu

  • Plushie toggle
  • Plushie size (only active when dropped in world)
  • Plushie leg contact toggle (won't snap back to original spot if toggled and you get close)
  • Plushie reset position
  • Puppy holster? (leg garter)
  • Plush swap (doggo or heart)

Chilling menu

  • Bean bag
  • Sofa
  • Sofa 2 seats
  • Sofa 3 seats
  • Sofa 4.5? seats
  • Sofa and bean bag size


  • Hair black
  • Hair brown
  • Hair light brown
  • Pants black
  • Pants dark blue
  • Pants light blue
  • Top hue

Page 2

  • Top hue saturation (sweater only)
  • Choker, belts, shoes color (black/white)
  • Eye hue
  • Fingernail hue
  • Sofa and bean bag hue
  • Skin tone
  • Hair emission + hue
  • Demon hue

Avatar toggles

  • Body size
  • Global emission
  • Headpat interaction toggle
  • Alternate emotes (all right hand)
  • Tummy jiggle 100%
  • Less tummy jiggle
  • Tummy jiggle off
  • Tummy allow touch (no radius when toggled off)

"Demon" toggle


GoGo Loco


  • No public uploads (even "heavily edited" versions!)
  • No uploads for friends/SO
  • No sharing with anyone
  • No reselling
  • No leaking
  • No claiming this as your own
  • You buy this avatar as-is; no refunds

No re-using assets from this avatar unless you've purchased the assets from their creators, they're all creditted below!
You're welcome to re-use my scratch assets, mesh edits and textures for your own personal use


head, body, boots - Torinyan

Skin texture - Ying#6669

shoes - Bobster#8539

pigtails - Sadge#3333

Ponytail - WetCat#6969

Bob hair - Sivka#3788

Rings - Hade#1521 & myself

Heart garter - Susuwatari#1837

Bunny tail - Bunisu#4924

Bunny ears - Kenn#2152

Puppy set - Crozzie#2530

Choker - KingShai#6969

Overalls - Sugs#9795

Tongue - OniiGirii#5977




GoGo Loco

Unlisted stuff made by myself

Special thanks to Vee#4040 for the cute YPT hanger and Cupio#0001, Vee#4040, JGamingHD#2301, Lucy<3#6076, Kloblin#8888 and Seairen#0316 for helping with the pictures and to Ben Miyanaga#6910 for making the toggle video and again to Kloblin#8888 for hand-drawing some of the art present on this avatar <3


  • Open new avatar project using Creator Companion
  • Import the included Poiyomi Toon shader
  • Import Kaya avatar package
  • Log in to your account through the VRCSDK
  • Upload
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Kaya (SFW | PC ONLY)

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